ABC News Lobs Softballs at Andrew Cuomo

June 17, 2020

Good Morning America coanchor Amy Robach interviewed New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D.) about the first 100 days of his coronavirus response. She did not exactly rake him over the coals.

Here are 10 of her questions from their two-part sitdown, which aired Wednesday.

"In one word, can you describe the past 100 days?"

"What still keeps you up at night?"

"You've been commended for your clear and your calm leadership. People from all over the country and the world have tuned into your press conferences. Your statewide approval rating, a career-high 84 percent. You came in second only to President Obama as the most trusted Democratic leader in America. How do you intend on spending that political capital that you've earned?"

"If you had to give President Trump a grade on how he's handled this pandemic, what would you give him?"

"What grade would you give yourself?"

"You've said that you have no political aspirations beyond the job you're in right now. A lot of people are asking why. Why not think about something grander, bigger, presidential?"

"Would you accept a cabinet position in the Biden administration?"

"That was a quick no, why not?"

"I know you've been portrayed as some sort of a homecoming king of this crisis. Headline from Jezebel, 'Help, I think I'm in love with Andrew Cuomo.' The New York Post dubbed you the new 'Luv Guv.' Chelsea Handler wrote you a love letter essay in Vogue entitled, 'Dear Andrew Cuomo, I want to be your first lady.' Your reaction to all that? Your daughter's reaction to all of that?"

"When are you going to hug your mom again?"

While Robach did note Cuomo had received criticism for not closing down New York sooner, she did not ask about his controversial policy forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus-positive patients. One Democratic member of New York's state assembly called the directive, which has been linked to thousands of deaths and not reversed until May, a "fatal error."

After the first portion of the interview ended, coanchor Michael Strahan praised Robach for her "tough questions."