WATCH: House Dem Says Only Thing Biden Is Guilty of Is 'Being a Father'

September 28, 2023

A House Democrat said the only thing President Joe Biden is guilty of "is being a father," as the president faces an impeachment inquiry into his potential involvement in his son's overseas business dealings.

"This entire fake impeachment inquiry isn't about the United States," Rep. Max Frost (D., Fla.) said during the first hearing on the inquiry on Thursday. "It's about Hunter Biden and the only thing the president can be guilty of here is being a father."

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D., Texas) at the same hearing said Biden "has been guilty of loving this child unconditionally."

Despite Democratic protests that Biden is innocent, House GOP members are moving forward with the inquiry into Biden's role in his son Hunter Biden's business dealings in countries including China, Ukraine, and Russia.

Hunter Biden's former business partner Devon Archer previously testified that the president had dinner with an executive from the Ukrainian energy firm that was paying his son hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hunter Biden often called his father during meetings with foreign business partners, Archer testified.

Evidence released by the House Oversight Committee has also shown that while Joe Biden was vice president, a Russian oligarch paid $3.5 million to a shell company associated with Hunter Biden. A Kazakhstani oligarch also sent Hunter Biden $142,300, the cost of a sports car he purchased the next day.

A Yahoo News poll this month found that around half of Americans believe Joe Biden broke the law regarding his son.

Hunter Biden is set to face gun charges next month for allegedly lying about his drug use when he signed a form to purchase a gun in 2018.

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