Half of Americans Say Biden 'Did Something Illegal Regarding Hunter'

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September 21, 2023

Roughly half of Americans believe President Joe Biden broke the law regarding his son Hunter, who is under scrutiny for foreign business dealings and alleged tax fraud.

A Yahoo News/YouGov survey conducted this month asked voters if the president "did something illegal regarding Hunter Biden." Forty-eight percent of those asked said he did, while 31 percent said he did not, with the remaining 21 percent saying they were "not sure."

A whopping 85 percent of Republicans said the president did something illegal, and 54 percent of independents said the same. Sixty-four percent of Democrats said Biden did not do something illegal.

Forty-one percent of Americans in the poll said the president was "involved" and 43 percent said he "made money off" his son's foreign business deals.

The polling comes after Biden reportedly expressed concern to his aides that he might not be alive to see his son's legal problems resolved.

An article from NBC News cites sources close to the Biden family who say the first son's ongoing legal battles are taking a toll on the 80-year-old president. Biden has "lamented aloud that he might be dead before his son’s case would be resolved."

Hunter Biden is set to face gun charges next month for allegedly lying about his drug use when he signed a form to purchase a gun in 2018.

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