‘Virtually No Enforcement’: House Report Blasts Biden’s Handling of Border

(John Moore/Getty Images)
October 9, 2023

A new House report details the Biden administration's failures on the southern border, claiming there is "virtually no enforcement of our immigration law."

The report by the Judiciary Committee provides new data on the White House's actions regarding the border, which has seen record levels of migrant crossings this year.

"With more than 99 percent of illegal aliens staying inside the United States after being released by the Biden Administration, there is virtually no enforcement of our immigration laws," the report says.

It claims that in the first 10 months of the 2023 fiscal year, the Department of Homeland Security released 929,496 illegal aliens into the United States after they were apprehended at the southwest border.

"Far from slowing down, the Biden border crisis is only accelerating," the committee report said. "Instead of relying on Trump-era policies that controlled the border, the Biden Administration has reduced the nation’s immigration laws to little more than a speed bump in the path of mass releases of millions of illegal aliens."

The report comes after the Biden administration announced construction of a section of border wall despite Biden saying he didn't think it would be effective.