Pro-Abortion Rioters Maim LA Cops

Rioters in Los Angeles attacked police officers Tuesday night, injuring at least two, in the wake of Politico's report indicating the Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Police attempted to disperse a group of pro-abortion protesters when they tried to occupy an intersection, LAPD chief Michel Moore said. At that point, some began to throw rocks and bottles at officers, two of whom were injured in the attack.

One officer was struck in the head, LAPD captain Steven Ruiz said, possibly by his own baton. That officer is "doing OK," the captain said. The other injured officer's condition is unknown, but an ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

Members of the crowd engaged in several acts of vandalism Tuesday night, according to CBS Los Angeles. Rioters smashed the front window of a Planet Fitness gym, graffitied the city hall building, and shattered the window of a Homeland Security vehicle that responded to the protest.

Earlier that day, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) gave a fiery speech outside of the Supreme Court in which she urged supporters of abortion rights to "fight back."