'Let Me Finish': Lindsey Graham Calls Out George Stephanopoulos for Bias on Hillary's Emails

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) on Sunday ripped into interviewer George Stephanopoulos for interrupting his comments about Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

Stephanopoulos had asked Graham about his take on the indictment of former president Donald Trump, who was charged Friday with improperly handling classified documents. When Stephanopoulos asked if Graham thinks Trump "did nothing wrong," the senator said that prosecutors' treatment of Trump shows a double standard.

"If you're the Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, secretary of state," Graham said, "you can set up a private server in your basement to conduct government business, and when an investigation—"

Stephanopoulos cut him off there, prompting Graham to snap, "No, let me finish!"

"I'm trying to answer the question from a Republican point of view," Graham said. "That may not be acceptable on this show."

Stephanopoulos has long faced accusations of bias. Before becoming an ABC host, he was a high-ranking adviser to former president Bill Clinton. In the years leading up to the 2016 election, he donated $75,000 to Bill and Hillary Clinton's foundation, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

While Graham said he "didn't like what President Trump did in certain aspects," he listed off other politicians who have engaged in similar conduct.

"Most Republicans believe we live in a country where Hillary Clinton did very similar things and nothing happened to her," the South Carolina Republican said. He then brought up Stephanopoulos's past, saying, "Your old boss committed perjury in a civil lawsuit, lost his law license, obstructed justice in a dozen ways—and he didn't get prosecuted."