'Everything Tripled': Rapper Cardi B Slams Biden Economy

Rapper Cardi B and President Joe Biden

Rapper Cardi B on Wednesday gave a profanity-filled rant about unprecedented inflation under President Joe Biden.

"When I go to the fucking supermarket … I'm seeing that everything tripled" in price, the rapper said in a Twitter video. "Lettuce was, like, two dollars a couple of months ago, and now it's, like, fucking seven. … If I think that shit is crazy, I could only imagine what middle-class people or people in the ’hood [are] motherfucking thinking!"

"I do want anybody that's responsible [for] these fucking prices to put that shit the fuck down," she concluded.

Cardi B has been outspoken about her left-wing views, twice endorsing socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for president and hosting a conversation in 2020 with then-candidate Biden. During her talk with Biden, the rapper called for universal health care and "free college" and claimed that police officers are brutalizing black people.

Twitter commenters said that Cardi B's Wednesday rant struck a different note.

"Wow, @iamcardib just endorsed Trump for president," one commenter wrote, while another implied that the rapper was learning what happens when Democrats' "policies hit."

Cardi B is far from the only person to worry about inflation under Biden. A large majority of Americans expect the economy to get even worse this year, the Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday.