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Travel Teams and Other Perils of Parenthood

REVIEW: ‘Family Unfriendly: How Our Culture Made Raising Kids Much Harder Than It Needs to Be’ by Timothy P. Carney

March 17, 2024

Shore To Please

REVIEW: 'The Once Upon a Time World: The Dark and Sparkling Story of the French Riviera'

January 7, 2024

School Spirits

REVIEW: ‘The Faculty Lounge: A Cocktail Guide for Academics’

December 24, 2023

The Unfun Couple

REVIEW: 'Monsters and Maestros: Days & Nights with Susan Sontag & George Steiner' by Robert Boyers

November 12, 2023

Facing One's Demons

REVIEW: 'Doom Guy: Life in First Person' by John Romero

November 5, 2023

One Family, One Nation

REVIEW: ‘The Genius of Israel: The Surprising Resilience of a Divided Nation in a Turbulent World’ by Dan Senor and Saul Singer

October 31, 2023