America Rejects Trans Ideology, WaPo Poll Finds

Nearly 70 percent oppose giving puberty blockers to children, nearly 80 percent support Ron DeSantis's position on transgenderism

Pro-women's sports protesters / Getty Images
May 5, 2023

A large majority of Americans reject left-wing beliefs on transgenderism and support bans on sex-change procedures for children, according to a Washington Post-KFF poll released Thursday.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans oppose giving puberty blockers to children, the poll found, and nearly 60 percent oppose giving transgender hormone treatments to teenagers.

At least 11 states have taken efforts to "prohibit pediatric transgender treatments," the Washington Free Beacon reported. Florida is on track to join them, with state lawmakers on Thursday passing a bill that prohibits puberty blockers and sex-change surgeries for children.

While the media lit into Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) last year for signing a bill that prohibits schools from teaching young children about sexual orientations, calling it the "Don't Say Gay" act, majorities of both Floridians and Americans in general support the law's provisions.

A whopping majority of respondents—nearly 80 percent—told the Post pollsters that teachers' discussing "trans identity" with students in kindergarten to third grade was "inappropriate." Seventy percent said the same about discussing it with fourth- and fifth-graders. A majority, 52 percent, said that teachers also shouldn't discuss transgender issues with middle schoolers. Other polls, including one from Morning Consult, have found that Americans explicitly agree with DeSantis's "Don't Say Gay" provisions.

Valarie Johnson, a black woman from Florida who was featured in the Post's report, summed up many respondents' position when she said that "there's no place in school for these sort of discussions."

"Why would you introduce that subject to children when it has no life skills?" Johnson asked the Post.

Other poll findings were just as damaging for the transgenderism movement.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans say that biological men who identify as women should not be allowed to compete in women's high school, college, and professional sports.

Most Americans, moreover, reject the left's claim that sex can differ from "gender identity," with nearly 60 percent saying that biology determines a person's gender.

While the liberal paper suggested that "public opinion on trans issues" may shift leftward, as with gay marriage, it admitted that "the generation gap on gender identity is not as pronounced now as it was on sexual orientation" in the past. Even among young adults from 18 to 34, a majority say that "gender is based on sex assigned at birth," the Post reported.

Despite most Americans' opinions, Biden administration officials and other Democrats have embraced far-left positions on transgenderism. After the House of Representatives last month passed a bill to ban biological men from competing in women's sports, President Joe Biden called the bill "discriminatory" and "vowed to veto it if needed," Reuters reported. California Democrats, meanwhile, advanced a bill that will let the state take custody of children who want to change genders, the Free Beacon reported.