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US Intel Agency Wants To Ban Terms 'Radical Islamists' and 'Jihadist' Because They're Hurtful to Muslim Americans

Office of the Director of National Intelligence also instructs employees to avoid 'blacklisted,' 'cakewalk,' and 'sanity check'

March 27, 2024

California Dems Want To Teach Health Care Professionals That Men Can Get Pregnant

Bill would mandate training to undo 'layers of potential biases' that pregnancy and childbirth are female experiences

February 21, 2024

California Parents Sue AG for Undermining Petition That Bans Sex Change Surgeries for Minors

Parents’ group says Rob Bonta rebranded initiative to mislead and confuse voters

February 16, 2024

California's Public University Employees Demand 'Equity Transformation'—And Threaten To Strike If They Don't Get It

Limits on police powers, regular access to 'gender-inclusive restrooms' included among demands

January 13, 2024

Federal Reserve Staff Underwent DEI Training Amid Rising Inflation, Documents Show

Lessons featured a transgender gingerbread man and a warning against calling Jerome Powell 'chairman'

January 10, 2024

Axios Wants You To Spread 'Holiday Cheer' With Bud Light

Once-beloved beer brand gasps for relevance after partnership with trans activist tanked sales

December 11, 2023

Fourth GOP Debate Left Out the MSM. Republicans Say That's a Good Thing.

Moderators from conservative and independent media helped drive debate on transgender issues, one operative says

December 7, 2023

Bay Area Counseling Service Hosts Meet-Ups for Adults and Minors To Discuss Gender and Sexuality

Trans adults up to age 25 can talk to kids as young as 14 through weekly online program

November 10, 2023