84 Percent of Americans View China as an 'Economic Threat,' Poll Shows

(Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
March 17, 2023

Large majorities of Americans say that China poses an economic threat and that they are concerned U.S. businesses rely too much on the Communist regime to produce products, according to a new poll.

Eighty-four percent of those surveyed identified China as an "economic threat," according to a poll conducted by the CRC Advisors public relations firm on behalf of the 85 Fund, a conservative advocacy organization. Just 10 percent of those polled did not view China as a threat to American businesses, while 6 percent said they were unsure.

The poll—which was conducted from Feb. 16-20, just after a Chinese Communist Party spy balloon was shot down traversing the United States—details increasing American skepticism toward China and its economic practices. In addition to stealing American research and spying on private companies, the Communist regime has forced many of its U.S. business partners to move their manufacturing plants into China. Many in Congress have labeled the CCP's control over American supply chains a national security threat.

The findings indicate that self-identified Republicans and Democrats both view China as a threat and want to see America unravel its economic reliance on the country.

Eighty-seven percent of those polled expressed concern "that many U.S.-based businesses rely on China to produce their products," including 50 percent who said they are "very concerned" over the issue. Just 10 percent of those polled did not view this as a problem.

Eighty-nine percent of those polled said the "U.S. should enact new laws and policies that reduce our dependence on Chinese manufacturing." And 73 percent said they would purchase an American-made product over a Chinese-made product if given the choice.

A majority of Americans would pay more money for an American-made product. Fifty-eight percent of those polled said they would shell out anywhere from 5 to 25 percent more for products not made in China. Just 15 percent said they would not pay more for something made in America.

Similarly, 62 percent said they are "less likely to purchase goods and services from a company that partners with China."

The findings comport with similar polls about American attitudes toward China. A 2022 Pew survey, for instance, found that 82 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view toward the CCP government.