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Congressional Leaders Head to England to Find Ally in Fight Against China

'For the sake of both our nations and the sake of the free world, we must work hand in hand'

May 17, 2023

COVID-19 Most Likely Emerged From Wuhan Lab, Rubio Report Says

Chinese scientists expressed concern about lab leaks as early as 2017, the report states

May 17, 2023

China Has 'Supreme Access' to TikTok, Former Exec Alleges

App is a 'useful propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party,' lawsuit claims

May 12, 2023

TikTok's Democratic Consulting Firm Had Additional White House Meeting, Records Show

Firm hired by TikTok met with Biden economic officials as recently as January

May 4, 2023

Nike and Adidas Under Congressional Microscope for Reliance on Chinese Slave Labor

'American corporate leaders still don golden blindfolds when operating in China,' says House Select Committee on China chair

May 4, 2023

DOE Set To Award $200M Grant to Battery Maker Run by Chinese 'Talent Program' Recruit

FBI warns that Chinese use talent recruitment programs for economic espionage, theft of trade secrets

May 3, 2023

Whitmer Appoints CEO Who Brought Chinese Battery Company to Michigan to Powerful State Board

Democrats in state have voiced concerns about the Chinese government's infiltration of Michigan

April 28, 2023