While Discussing Peaceful Gun-Rights Rally, CNN Keeps Up Chyron About Kansas City Shooting

January 20, 2020

While reporting on a peaceful gun-rights rally in Richmond, Va., on Monday, CNN kept a chyron up about a shooting the night before in Kansas City.

CNN reported on three recent gun-related events: a Monday morning shooting in Honolulu, a Sunday night shooting in Kansas City, and a Monday gun-rights rally in Richmond. As the segment transitioned from the Kansas City shooting to the Richmond protest, the chyron title read "Virginia Gun Fight" with the subtitle "2 Dead, 15 Injured in Kansas City shooting."

The chyron was up for over a minute into the report about the peaceful gun-rights rally in Virginia before changing to "No incidents at pro gun rally after threats of extremist violence."

Gun-rights activists gathered on Monday morning to protest legislation considered by the Virginia legislature that would require background checks and ban some types of rifles. Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D.) declared a state of emergency ahead of Monday's rally and temporarily banned firearms from capitol grounds. The Virginia Supreme Court upheld the ban. Some of the protesters openly carried their firearms outside capitol grounds. The rally ended Monday afternoon without any violent incidents reported.

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