Trump to Give $1 Million of His Own Money to Harvey Relief


President Donald Trump will give $1 million of his own money to relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Thursday.

During Thursday's White House press briefing, a reporter asked Sanders what Trump and the first family have done personally to contribute to Harvey relief. The hurricane has so far cost a reported 38 lives and an estimated $190 billion impact on GDP.

"There's obviously been a huge outpouring of support from people all around the country for the victims of Harvey," the reporter asked Sanders. "You've seen people lining up to volunteer, you've seen people donating tens of millions of dollars. Can you speak to what the president and his family have done regarding donation for Harvey relief personally?"

"I spoke directly with the president earlier and I am happy to tell that he would like to join in the efforts that a lot of the people that we've seen across the country do, and he's pledging a million dollars of personal money to the fund," Sanders replied.

She also explained that Trump had asked her to inquire with the newsroom to find the most effective recipients of his charity.

"He has actually asked that I checked with the folks at this room since you are very good at research, and have been doing a lot of reporting into the groups and organizations that are best and most effective in helping and providing aid, and he would love some suggestions from the folks here and I would be happy to take those if any of you have them," Sanders said.

"But as I said, he will pledge proudly $1 million of his own personal money to help the people of both Texas and Louisiana," she reiterated.

Trump, the richest man ever elected president, has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion.

Charles Fain Lehman

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Charles Fain Lehman is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He writes about policy, covering crime, law, drugs, immigration, and social issues. Reach him on twitter (@CharlesFLehman) or by email at

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