Steyer Frustrated by Poll Showing High Economic Satisfaction

February 16, 2020

Democratic 2020 candidate Tom Steyer on Sunday accused ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz of "standing up for" President Donald Trump's "version of the economy" after she cited a poll showing high satisfaction with the economy.

Raddatz, noting Steyer has campaigned on challenging Trump on the economy, pointed to a new Quinnipiac poll showing 70 percent of respondents felt the economy was excellent or good. That mark was only slightly lower than the 73 percent who answered that way in December, an all-time high.

"How do you convince them that a change is needed when they think they're doing so well under Donald Trump?" she asked.

Steyer said that Trump's talking points on the economy sounded true but were actually "a lie." He argued that low unemployment disguises poor wage growth, while stock market growth largely benefits the most wealthy.

Raddatz reiterated the "70 percent" economic approval rating, noting that respondents were not "all wealthy people."

"Here we are on a show, and you're standing up for Mr. Trump's version of the economy," Steyer said.

"I'm telling you about a national poll," Raddatz cut in. "I'm not standing up for anybody."

"There is a different story of this economy and this country that has to be told," Steyer said. "Mr. Trump has to be faced down about what he's saying on the economy.... He's going to say, 'I'm great on the economy and Democrats stink.' ... I can take him on in that because it has to be shown that this economy actually isn't working for the vast bulk of Americans."

Steyer is one of eight Democrats remaining in the race despite his dismal showings in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. The billionaire candidate spent a combined $36.4 million on advertising in the two states yet came away with zero delegates.