Opponent of Trump Golf Course Sues Club After Being Caught Urinating on Sand Dune

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April 4, 2017

Trump International Golf Club in Scotland is being taken to small claims court after a longtime female opponent of the course claimed male employees caught her on camera urinating on a sand dune.

Rohan Beyts, 62, is a retired social worker accusing Trump International of breaching data protection law by filming her without permission, according to the BBC.

Trump International, which Donald Trump ran before becoming president, denies the allegations.

Beyts passed through the golf club on a walk with her friend to the beach last April when she urgently needed to use the restroom. The 62-year-old cited a medical condition for her abrupt need to use the facilities.

"I needed to go as a matter of urgency. I was crouching down in the dune area. I was covered by Marram grass once I crouched down" Beyts told a court in Edinburgh. "There was no golfers visible."

Beyts became aware that she was being watched after police officers arrived at her house to charge her with urinating in public. The officers told Beyts that three men had footage of her urinating on their mobile phones.

Now she is seeking £3,000 in damages for breach of her privacy and causing her distress, the Guardian reported.

"Don't be intimidated. Please exercise your right to roam. And it's about not being bullied. I feel being filmed secretly is a bullying act," Beyts said of her lawsuit.

Edward Irvine, one of the men who had taken a photograph of Beyts, said he did not film her at all.

"I took her picture for evidence that she was urinating in a public place. I believed that it was a criminal offense to do that," he said.

Paul Motion, representing the golf resort, said the employees were right to capture evidence because a crime was being committed.

"It was reasonable, proportionate, and fair under the circumstances for [Trump Organization] employees to consider a crime was being committed and to take a photograph of that act," he said.

Motion also said Beyts was a "long-term opponent" of the golf course who was involved with a Facebook page against the course. Beyts agreed with the claims, according to the Daily Mail.