O'Keefe Confronts Clinton-Tied Union Official Who Advised Lying to Cover Up Abuse

Project Veritas Video / Screenshot
June 8, 2016

Project Veritas reporter James O'Keefe posted video of his confrontation with the Yonkers, New York, teachers union official with ties to Hillary Clinton who advised him to lie and defraud school officials about a possible case of physically hurting a student.

O'Keefe was following up on his undercover report where he posed as a teacher who had physically abused an African-American student and then went on an unauthorized vacation to Mexico. In the video, United Federation of Teachers officials Patricia Puleo and Paul Diamond advised him to lie to school officials in order to keep his job safe.

Clinton has expressed strong support for teachers unions and suggested they in no way protect "bad teachers" from being fired. She has been photographed smiling with Puleo.

O'Keefe asked Puleo about her suggestions such as "don't fucking tell anybody anything" and that he should make up an excuse for why he went to Mexico for two weeks.

She strongly denied ever saying that O'Keefe should pretend he'd had family members kidnapped by drug dealers in Mexico, but she did do so.

"Are you to protect teachers or to help kids?" O'Keefe asked at one point.

"Both," Puleo said.

During their extended exchange in the union parking lot, Puleo defended her and Diamond's actions, citing the fact they were ostensibly dealing with a hypothetical situation.

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