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Meet the 'Defund the Police' Advocate Chicago Just Elected To Deal With Its Crime Spike

Chicagoans voted out Mayor Lori Lightfoot over surging crime. They replaced her with someone who called 'defund the police' a 'real political goal.'

April 5, 2023

Class Dismissed

REVIEW: ‘The Teachers: A Year Inside America’s Most Vulnerable, Important Profession’

March 26, 2023

Virginia Teachers' Union Pushes Schools To Defy Youngkin's Ban on Woke Education

Virginia Education Association publishes 'Black Lives Matter at School Toolkit'

March 13, 2023

Former Teachers' Union President Arrested in Virginia for Embezzlement

Ingrid Gant took more than $400,000 from Arlington Education Association

January 25, 2023

NYT Warns: GOP Could 'Seize' on Record Drop in Student Test Scores During COVID-19 Pandemic

How dare Republicans use 'devastating' results as 'political fodder' to 'relitigate the debate over how long schools should have stayed closed'

October 24, 2022

Union Refuses To Aid Teacher Who Faced Termination for Criticism of Woke Training

John Grande says Connecticut union retaliated against him for refusing to join labor group

August 11, 2022

Déjà Vu: Another Democrat Thinks Parents Shouldn't Have a Say in Their Children's Education

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke, who has taken thousands from teachers' unions, says parents shouldn't question teachers

August 4, 2022