Warren Campaign Facing Unfair-Labor Complaint for Confidentiality Agreement

Employment practices not consistent with what 'Warren says she believes,' says Sanders backer

Elizabeth WarrenA supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) filed a complaint against Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) presidential campaign, claiming their confidentiality agreement with employees is unlawful because it prevents them from publicly speaking about issues in the workplace.

Internet Heavyweights Battle Over Blogger Unions

Barstool founder to AOC: Welcome to thunder dome. Debate me

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., NY) is going after one of the internet's most popular sports websites. The insurgent socialist Democrat came to the aid of workers at Barstool Sports, lending solidarity to a newsroom known for its humor and Connor McGregor trutherism.

Top Firefighters’ Union Supports Biden, Opposes Medicare for All

IAFF says they would find it difficult to support a candidate who wants to eliminate private insurance

One of the leading unions representing firefighters throughout the United States has come out against Medicare for All proposals ahead of the second Democratic debate where candidate's healthcare proposals are expected to receive a significant amount of focus during the debate. 

Union Drops Members for Giving Up Forced Dues

AFSCME angered workers agreed to opt-in membership

One of the largest government unions in the U.S. dropped its affiliation with some Connecticut members who negotiated a contract that allows them to choose if they want to pay union dues. 

Suit: Break Up Big Labor

Massachusetts teachers challenge union monopoly power

Four Massachusetts educators are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the union monopoly on collective bargaining, a suit that could further erode the power of government labor groups.

AFL-CIO Income Inequality Report Uses Dubious Data

Critics say union's CEO pay report ignores economic reality

America's largest union used suspect data to inflate the divide between workers and their bosses. The study includes part-time and global workers and uses the mean compensation for CEOs, rather than the median figure, which some experts argue creates a more accurate comparison. 

Undermining Right to Work

Dem legislation would undermine anti-coercive unionism laws

Democrats are working to push federal legislation that would override right to work laws across the country.