FBI Raids Pro-Biden Union in Philadelphia

Federal authorities raided an electricians’ union headquarters in Philadelphia on Friday morning, which had a massive flag endorsing Joe Biden for president covering the front of the building.

Union Probe Finds Close Biden Ally Misappropriated Millions

$6 million unaccounted for at firefighters union

One of Joe Biden's closest labor allies inappropriately siphoned nearly $1 million from a union pension fund as the labor group suffered from a "systemic misrepresentation in financial reporting," according to an internal probe obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Hospitality Union Demands Dues From Members Left Unemployed By Coronavirus

Member: 'It sounds to me like all they want is the money'

A hospitality union is still demanding dues payments from workers left unemployed by the coronavirus. UNITE HERE Local 11, which represents more than 30,000 hotel employees in Southern California and Arizona, has continued to request dues from laid off workers as the pandemic halts travel across the country.  The union on Tuesday sent payment reminders to members via text message, telling many unemployed workers that "It is critical for you to keep paying your dues so that we can keep fighting."

174 House Dems Vote Against Anti-Sexual-Predator Amendment

Dozens of Dems join GOP to prevent TSA from hiring people with sexual misconduct, terror convictions

Forty-two House Democrats bucked party leadership on Thursday to pass an amendment ensuring that individuals convicted of sex crimes, terrorism, and other violent offenses cannot be employed by the TSA.