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Obama Energy Politics: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

President Obama has sought to deflect criticism of his administration over rising gas prices by accusing opponents of using gas prices as a political ploy–the same political ploy he employed while running for president in 2008.

Obama in 2012: They all make the same promise. They head down to the gas station, and they make sure a few cameras are following them and they tell you how we're going to have cheap gas forever if you just vote for them. And it has been the same script for 30 years. The same thing.

The president himself used the same tactics he now decries as a candidate four years ago.

Obama in 2008: We are going to put a windfall profit tax on oil and use it to help Indiana families pay their heating bills and cooling bills and reduce energy costs. We'll also take steps to reduce the price of oil and increase transparency in how prices are set so we can ensure energy companies aren't bending the rules.