MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Suggests ‘Disarming the Police’

• March 11, 2015 5:37 pm


MSNBC host Ed Schultz recommended "disarming the police" in Ferguson Wednesday night on The Ed Show, saying that's what should happen "if you really want change."

Perhaps quickly realizing what a terrible idea that was, Schultz said "the right wing is going to think I'm crazy for saying that."

Most people would probably find the idea of police officers trying to institute law and order without firearms pretty laughable, regardless of political persuasion.

Full exchange:

ED SCHULTZ: It's very clear the residents of Ferguson in the minority community, they've gotten what they wanted. They got some intervention from the feds. They got an investigation. They got a real calculation about the way things are and now there's some change, and now I think it's up to the community. It's up to those people that live on avenues and streets that care about their future and their kids to step up and be a part of this change and do something. This is going to be a story to watch for a long time.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: I've got to say this right quick. What we have to see is that if the police stop killing unarmed black men, that's the proof in the pudding. Not simply economic opportunity but they've got to stop being murdered unfairly.

SCHULTZ: Well, I'll give you this one. What about disarming the police? What about just having them carry night sticks and the authority to arrest? It would take a brave person to do something like that, but if you really want — there are places on the face of this earth where there are police officers that don't carry firearms.

DYSON: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: I know the right wing is going to think I'm crazy for saying that, but if you really want change, you have to institutionally show it to the people that you want to do this. That would be part of a big social engineering project if Ferguson is going to turn around. That's how I see it.

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