Mr. Ed's Energy Hypocrisy

Democrat Markey attacked Bush on gas prices, now defends Obama

REP. ED MARKEY (2012): You’re right on the mark, Chris. This is not about Obama, this is about OPEC. The price of oil is set by a cartel of OPEC sheikhs, who determine how much oil is in the global marketplace on an ongoing basis.

MARKEY (2008): Unfortunately, as a result of nearly eight years of the Bush administration’s energy policy, they will face gas and oil prices that are skyrocketing out of control, with no end in sight. Earlier this week, oil reached another all-time high, trading above $119 per barrel. The price of oil has risen by $100 per barrel since President Bush took office. American consumers are paying the price at the pump for this administration’s failed energy policy.

MARKEY (2008): One-hundred-and-sixty-percent since President Bush took office, increasing—on average—by 34 percent a gallon each year of the Bush administration. The price of oil has also skyrocketed. A few years ago, people scoffed at the prospect of $100 oil, but American consumers have now seen an increase of $100 per barrel in the price of oil since President Bush took office. The incredible escalation of gas and oil prices is not an accident; it is the result of more than seven years of this administration pushing an energy policy solely focused on fossil fuels.