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Joe Biden and the 'Impossible' Task of Refilling America's Oil Reserves

Six months into admin's 'replenishment strategy,' Biden has purchased zero reserve barrels

May 20, 2023

Biden Taps Economist Who Bemoaned Gas Prices 'Too Damn Low'

Jared Bernstein's comments could hurt his chances at Senate confirmation

May 9, 2023

Biden Abandoned Pledge To Punish OPEC. It Just Slashed Oil Production Again.

Oil prices surge after Saudi-led cartel announces production cut

April 3, 2023

As Nation Recovers From Record-High Gas Prices, Biden Moves To Yank Tax Breaks From Oil Industry

Policy change would quash oil and gas production, environmentalists argue

March 9, 2023

Biden Said Oil Companies Were Sitting on 9,000 Unused Drilling Permits. He Was Wrong.

Dem's Interior Department quietly updates data, debunks White House talking point on gas prices

February 28, 2023

Biden Promised To Refill Oil Reserves at a Profit. Now Prices Are Too High.

Emergency reserves have plunged to four-decade low, gone to China under Biden

January 9, 2023

Biden Administration Touts Drained Emergency Oil Reserves as Top 2022 Accomplishment

Biden sold millions of reserve barrels to China, other foreign entities

January 5, 2023