Manufacturing Sector Increased Jobs at Fastest Pace in More Than 4 Years

Confidence in sector among consumers and business leaders has also improved

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The manufacturing sector increased jobs at the fastest pace in the month of July than the sector had in more than four years, the New York Times reported.

While the jobs report showed there were fewer jobs created than were expected overall, jobs in the manufacturing sector showed improvement.

"The latest payroll data underscores the striking rebound at American factories, which lost more than two million jobs in the recession, but have clawed their way back and recovered more than one million positions since 2010," the article states.

President Trump campaigned on his ability to create jobs and improve the manufacturing sector before taking office, and sentiment among consumers and business leaders has improved since he's taken office.

For example, Mack Trucks, which laid off workers last year, has began hiring new employees, and the president of the company said they have seen confidence rise.

"Auto sales were down slightly in August, continuing 2017's soft trend but employment at vehicle and parts factories, which includes truck makers like Mac, managed to climb by 14,000 last month," says the Times. "After dropping to 1,287 at the end of 2016 from 1,875 a year earlier, employment at Mac's Macungie plant has rebounded to 1,800."