John Kerry Says U.K. Could 'Walk Back' Brexit

John Kerry
John Kerry / AP
June 29, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the United Kingdom’s Brexit decision could be reversed, AFP reported.

"This is a very complicated divorce," he said in Aspen, Colo. Tuesday, adding that "there are a number of ways" to "walk back" the vote.

Kerry, who met with David Cameron Monday, said the British prime minister felt powerless to "start negotiating a thing that he doesn’t believe in and he has no idea how he would do it."

He added that "most of the people who voted to do it" also do not know how to sever the U.K.’s membership with the EU.

The White House openly opposed the Brexit movement. President Obama warned in April that the U.K. would go to the "back of the queue" during trade negotiations with the U.S. should the nation choose to leave the EU.

Cameron, who forcefully opposed Brexit and announced his resignation following the vote, told parliament Monday that Britain would delay its implementation of Article 50, which will spark two years of negotiations over new relationship with the EU.

EU officials have said that formal proceedings to leave the bloc would be "impossible" to reverse once implemented. Legal experts meanwhile told the House of Lords that the U.K. could reverse its decision, though the country would face "substantial political consequences," according to the Guardian.