Ed Schultz Paid Nearly $200,000 by Unions in 2011

Schultz Claim in 2011: Fox goes easy on Walker because News Corp. donated to RGA

MSNBC host Ed Schultz received nearly $200,000 in union money in 2011, NewsBusters reports.

Schultz received $190,000 from the Communications Workers of America for "representational activities," according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Last year, Schutz blasted Fox News for going easy on Gov. Scott Walker about unions—because, Schultz said, News Corp. had given money to the Republican Governors Association.

SCHULTZ: Now we have been on this story for the last three days. Tomorrow, I will be covering it from Wisconsin. Something tells me that MSNBC will be the only national media platform there, telling the story of the workers, and I am so proud of that. Until today, the networks and cable news channels have largely ignored the thousands of protesters in Madison. CNN finally put a camera on the protesters today. Fox ignored the story, until last night, when they gave the governor of Wisconsin a five-minute infomercial.

WALKER: Well, the bottom-line is that the state’s broke. Just like about every other state in the country, other than a handful, Wisconsin and nearly every other state out there, doesn’t have money. So, what we’re going to do is balance the budget. We’re telling the truth.

SCHULTZ: The truth? [laughs] Well, you invented this crisis so you could bust unions. There was no pushback on Walker from Fox News’ hosts, of course. And for good reason: You see, last year News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, donated $1.25 million to the Republican Governors Association to help elect union-busters like Scott Walker in Wisconsin and former Fox News host Jon Kasich in Ohio. Kind of a coincidence, isn’t it?

Update: A spokesperson for MSNBC tells Politico's Dylan Byers that Schultz gave the $190,000 received to charity. The spokesperson did not comment on Schultz's attacks on Mitt Romney who was likewise compensated for speeches.