CNN Weatherman Blames Tornadoes on Climate Change

CNN meteorologist Alexandra Steele attributed the severity of the tornado outbreak across Texas, and other extreme weather like it, to global climate change On CNN Newsroom Wednesday.

ALEXANDRA STEELE: The same area's in place for severe weather in terms of maybe some hail and very gusty winds tomorrow. It's just not progressive.

CAROL COSTELLO: Such a strange spring.

STEELE: It really is. That's kind of the climate change we are seeing. Extremes are ruling the roost and what we are seeing, more become the norm.

COSTELLO: It makes me afraid for what next spring will bring. It might be unnaturally cold.

STEELE: Because that’s not it–this global warming is really kind of a misnomer. Global climate change—so the colds are colder and warms are warmer, and the severes more severe.

Tornados damaged 650 homes in Texas Tuesday, according to the American Red Cross. Tornados are possible Wednesday in the mid-Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, according to the National Weather Service.