Armed North Carolina Woman Scares Off Would-be Robbers


A North Carolina woman is safe and some would-be robbers are on the run from police after she pulled her gun to protect her home from a break-in on Tuesday.

Sabrina Flowe had returned to her Gaston County, N.C., home during the work day to pick up something when she heard a noise at the back of the home. She grabbed her handgun and went to investigate. When she got to the back door she saw two men had entered her enclosed porch and were trying to get into the house.

That's when she raised her gun and showed it to the would-be robbers.

"I showed it to them," Flowe told the Gaston Gazette. "I didn't have to point it at them or anything. Just hold it up and let them see I had a gun and they were gone."

She said that as she stared down the men she yelled at them to leave. "Told him basically, ‘Get the (expletive) out of my house,'" she told WSOCTV. "They could have gotten in the house and got all my stuff. I'm glad I was home. My only thought is to take care of my family. Don't let somebody come in."

Flowe said her husband had taught her how to use the handgun and that she was glad to be prepared to face the home invaders.

"You always prepare for it," she told the Gaston Gazette. "You hope it won't ever happen. But you want to be prepared for it in case."

Flowe said, however, that even if she hadn't had her gun she would've found some way to protect herself and her home. "I would've found something," she told the paper. "A kitchen knife or something. They're not going to come in my house."

Police arrived a short time after the two men ran off. They searched the area for them with a police dog and even shut down a local elementary school as a precaution but were unable to locate the intruders. The two men remain at large and police are still looking for them.

Flowe said if they return to her home they won't fare any better the second time around.

"If they do, I’ll still be waiting with the same gun," she said.

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