Anti-Semitic Flier Promotes Donna Edwards in Senate Race

UPDATE: Edwards condemns flier

Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards / AP
May 5, 2015

An anti-Semitic flier supporting Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards’ Senate campaign in Maryland was distributed at a Prince George’s County budget council meeting on Monday, Jewish Insider reported on Tuesday.

According to a copy published by Jewish Insider, the leaflet claimed that the "Israel lobby" was "undermining African American political power" in the state by financing black challengers to Edwards in order to split the vote and help elect her Senate primary opponent, Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

It also blasted Van Hollen for "sen[ding] 1.2 billion dollars in Maryland Federal taxpayer money to the Apartheid state of Israel," and included an image depicting Van Hollen bribing black politicians with "doggy treats."

"The lobby will use African American politicians willing to attack other African Americans to further their interests," said the flier. "This allow [sic] the ‘chosen’ candidate to keep his/her hands clean while undermining Black political power."

According to the pamphlet, this was done so that "a pro-Israeli candidate can get this powerful senate seat over an African American. This is done all over America to ensure blacks don’t get political power in the Senate."

The flier also claimed that the Israeli government forces African immigrants into "open air prison camps" and trains U.S. police to set up "paramilitary police armies" that are sent to black communities in America.

Edwards has been critical of Israel in Congress and is close with the left-leaning Middle East lobbying group J Street.


Update 2:27 P.M.: Rep. Edwards condemned the flier in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon following publication of this article.

"I am outraged and disgusted by the anti-Semitic hate speech in this flier," said Edwards. "It has no business in our discourse, let alone American politics."

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