WATCH: Comey Says 'It Has To Be Biden' in 2024

June 5, 2023

Former FBI director James Comey said he would not consider voting for any Republican presidential candidate in 2024.

"It has to be Joe Biden," he told former White House press secretary Jen Psaki in an MSNBC interview aired Sunday. "The president must be someone who abides the law and our Constitution, and there's no one else but Joe Biden."

In the same interview, Comey said former president Donald Trump could be "wearing an ankle bracelet while accepting the nomination at the Republican convention." He also said it is possible Trump could win the White House.

"You could have a president who is potentially incarcerated when he’s elected president, so that would be weird and awkward," Comey said. "It seems even crazy to be coming out of my mouth but that’s the situation we face."

Psaki asked Comey if "given [Trump’s] affinity for Putin and his outlook on the world," Comey expects Russia to interfere on Trump’s behalf in 2024.

"Yes, of course," Comey replied. "Vladimir Putin does not want Joe Biden to be president of the United States for reasons that I hope the American people see—because he acts in our national interest."

The statement comes after Special Counsel John Durham last month released his report on the FBI’s investigation of alleged Trump-Russia collusion. The report found that Comey and others in the FBI repeatedly ignored evidence that suggested the basis for the bureau’s Trump-Russia investigation, the Steele Dossier, was produced by the Clinton campaign.

Comey said in 2019 he was "wrong" about the FBI’s handling of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to investigate former Trump campaign official Carter Page. Inspector General Michael Horowitz found the FBI made at least 17 "errors or omissions" in obtaining the warrant. The Durham report found that Comey repeatedly pushed his deputy, Andrew McCabe, for the FISA warrant, calling the bureau’s investigation of Page "a top priority."

Psaki left her position as White House press secretary in May of last year. Eleven days later, MSNBC hired her as a political analyst and host. She now hosts Inside with Jen Psaki, which "breaks down the biggest issues of the week, featuring one-on-one interviews with newsmakers," according to MSNBC.