Comey: I Was Wrong

December 15, 2019

Former FBI director James Comey on Sunday said he was wrong about the FBI's handling of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to investigate former Trump campaign official Carter Page.

"He's right, I was wrong," Comey said, referring to Inspector General Michael Horowitz's finding that the FBI made at least 17 "errors or omissions" in obtaining the warrant.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Comey about his claims that he had "total confidence" in the FBI's handling of FISA warrants.

"I was overconfident in the procedures that the FBI and Justice have built over 20 years," Comey said. "I thought they were robust enough. It's incredibly hard to get a FISA. I was overconfident in those because he's right, there was real sloppiness. Seventeen things that either should have been in the application or at least discussed and characterized differently. It was not acceptable. So he's right, I was wrong."

Later in the interview, Comey said it was "fair" to say that the FBI gave false information to the FISA court.

Horowitz's report, which was published Monday, found no evidence of political bias in the FBI's decision to investigate the Trump campaign. However, it found "17 significant errors or omissions" in the FISA application to monitor Page, a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign. During his congressional testimony, Horowitz contradicted numerous talking points used by Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), Comey, and others about the FBI's conduct throughout the Russia investigation.

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