Soros Spends Millions to Win Women Voters in Battleground States

George Soros
George Soros / Getty Images
September 4, 2020

Liberal billionaire George Soros is funding a multimillion-dollar effort to turn out women voters for Democrats in battleground states.

Supermajority, a progressive women's group, is launching a $10 million campaign targeting women voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Its super PAC is funded almost entirely by Democracy PAC, which is fully funded by Soros. Of the $2.5 million Supermajority has raised so far this cycle, $2 million came from Democracy PAC, Federal Election Commission records show.

Supermajority is just one of the many election projects that Soros has bankrolled this cycle through the Democracy PAC. The financier has pushed $50 million into the Democracy PAC, which is then passed off to liberal groups such as the Nancy Pelosi-linked House Majority PAC, the Chuck Schumer-linked Senate Majority PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, and the dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund.

Later this month, Supermajority is launching a national organizing effort called "Supercharge: Women All In" with a virtual event featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), actress Eva Longoria, and former HUD secretary Julian Castro, Politico reported. The group's website says the event "will bring together thousands of women to laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate women's political power."

Liberal activists founded Supermajority in 2019 to train and mobilize a "community of all ages, races, and backgrounds, to fight for gender equality together." The group's current leadership includes Black Lives Matter cofounder Alicia Garza and former Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards.

Soros's cash contributes to 2020 efforts set forth by the Democracy Alliance, a powerful donor network the billionaire cofounded. Wealthy liberal donors in the club, which has injected nearly $2 billion into progressive causes since its founding, vowed to pour $275 million into the 2020 elections.

According to internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon last year, Democracy Alliance recommended its members push $17.5 million into efforts targeting women voters. In 2018, Soros was the first to fund an initiative launched by a coalition of prominent leftwing groups to appeal to infrequent voters—people of color, young people, and women—in an attempt to push them to the polls in battleground states.

Supermajority did not respond to a request for comment on its super PAC donations.