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Would-Be Misinformation Czar Jankowicz Accuses Free Beacon of Peddling Anti-Semitic Tropes

Nina Jankowicz's American Sunshine Project condemns 'bad actors' for labeling protesters 'pro-Hamas'

June 6, 2024

Meet the Soros-Linked Biden Donors Trying To Buy TikTok

Project Liberty, which wants to buy TikTok, was founded by Biden megadonor Frank McCourt

May 28, 2024

NFL Funded Left-Wing Group Bailing Out Anti-Israel Bridge Blockers

Community Justice Exchange received grants from NFL’s ‘Inspire Change’ program as recently as 2022

April 23, 2024

‘Free Palestine’ Bridge Blockers Get Free Bail—And the Democratic Party’s Fundraising Platform Gets a Cut

ActBlue to receive nearly 4 percent of legal defense donations for arrested protesters

April 16, 2024

Left-Wing Dark Money Behemoth Behind Bail Fund for 'Free Palestine' Bridge Blockers

Community Justice Exchange, part of the Soros-funded Tides Center, solicits legal defense donations for arrested protesters

April 15, 2024

Cruz Challenger 'Proud' of Endorsement From Soros-Funded Group That Called To Defund Police

'I am proud to earn the endorsement of Reproductive Freedom for All,' says Colin Allred

April 11, 2024