Pennsylvania Republican Invites Portlanders to His District to Escape Riots

August 18, 2020

A Republican congressional candidate from Pennsylvania is inviting Portlanders who are fed up with their city’s violent protests and riots to move to his district—which doesn’t "tolerate any of that horse****"—in a new campaign ad.

"I've heard you’ve been having a few issues. Something about peaceful gatherings, interruptions to business, and local citizens dissatisfied with your leadership," Jim Bognet, who’s running in Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District, said in the ad. "We won’t tolerate any of that horse**** around here."

Between clips of rioters setting off explosives and looters hauling armfuls of stolen merchandise, Bognet encourages Portland families and businesses to consider moving to his police-loving district.

"If you’re a family or business living in Portland that’s leaning toward leaving for whatever reason, consider Northeast Pennsylvania," Bognet said. "We're all about Made in America, we’re known for our midsize paper industry, and we love the police—well, maybe not our current congressman, but I’ll be taking care of him soon."

The ad will run on KOIN, Portland’s CBS affiliate, Tuesday night at 6 p.m.

"If the good people of Portland are tired of being terrorized by a bunch of violent anti-police nut jobs, Northeast PA welcomes them!" Bognet told the Washington Free Beacon.

Bognet will face incumbent Matt Cartwright (D.), who has represented Northeastern Pennsylvania since 2012, in the general election on Nov. 3.

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