Matt Cartwright

House Dems Who Own Pharmaceutical Stock Slam Drug Prices

Former Turing CEO Martin Shkreli draws ire of drug company investors

Martin Shkreli / APMembers of Congress laid into a notorious pharmaceutical executive on Thursday for his high-profile drug price hikes, but some of those same legislators own stock in companies that are fighting efforts to rein in drug prices.

Blowing the Whistle

Pastor testifies about political machinations of Obama labor nominee

A Minnesota pastor who blew the whistle on a multi-million dollar fraud testified before Congress about the federal authorities who allegedly threw out the case for political purposes.


Agencies failed to prepare for sequester cuts, hearing reveals

Executive agencies did not prepare for the sequester despite knowing about impending cuts for over a year and a half, a congressional hearing on Tuesday afternoon revealed.

Federally Financed Largesse

Republicans criticize Treasury officials for giving bailed-out execs excessive pay

A House Oversight subcommittee rebuked the Treasury official who oversees executive pay for federally supported companies at a hearing on Tuesday.