WATCH: A Woke White Democrat Walks Into a Black Church...

Twice-failed candidate Christy Smith compares racial harmony to a box of crayons

August 9, 2022

Things tend to get awkward when woke white Democrats try to pander to non-white audiences. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D., embarrassed herself and her country last month when she praised the Hispanic-American community for being "as unique as ... breakfast tacos." Earlier this week, a Democratic congressional candidate went "full cringe" during a campaign stop at Living Faith Cathedral, a predominantly black church in Lancaster, Calif.

Christy Smith, a former state lawmaker who twice ran unsuccessfully for the seat once held by disgraced sex predator Katie Hill, was ridiculously out of place at the church, which was celebrating its 20-year anniversary with some worshipful song and dance. The music stopped and the crowd grew silent as Smith took the stage and proceeded to tell a bizarre story about how crayons are a metaphor for racial harmony and a child's potential.

The candidate described the "philosophical conversation about crayons" she recently had with her daughter, a newly minted elementary school teacher. "The first thing I always notice about a box of crayons is you open it up and you look inside and there's a whole lot of different colors," she said. "They're all getting along just fine. Tight in that box, just as God intended."

The audience applauded politely as Smith continued. "The other thing that we know about a box of crayons and why every child who comes through the classroom door at the start of every year—why they get that new box of crayons—that's about their potential," she said. "That's about us saying we believe in you. ... And that pretty much sums up why I do what I do."

Smith is running against Rep. Mike Garcia (R., Calif.), who has already defeated her twice. If she's looking for an inspirational campaign ad that might help her avoid a third straight loss, the Washington Free Beacon has her covered: