Democrat Donor Arrested for Starting Massive Fire Democrats Blamed on Climate Change

Several firefighters injured in 'ginormous' blaze; suspect also donated to the Lincoln Project

June 19, 2023

What happened: Authorities busted a Democratic donor for allegedly starting a "ginormous inferno" in Yosemite National Park. Democratic politicians had insisted climate change was to blame for the blaze, which destroyed more than 100 homes and injured several firefighters in July 2022.

• Edward Fredrick Wackerman (his actual name) of Mariposa, Calif., faces a number of charges including aggravated arson following his arrest on Friday.

By the numbers: The arson suspect has donated $1,775 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2020, government records show, including a $1,000 donation to Tim Ryan's failed U.S. Senate campaign in 2022 and $400 to the Lincoln Project, a disgraced liberal super PAC.

• The so-called Oak Fire destroyed 127 homes and 66 outbuildings. Roughly 6,000 people were forced to evacuate as the inferno torched 30 square miles of land and smoke from the fire drifted more than 200 miles into parts of Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area.

What they're saying: "Ed Wackerman is facing several felony charges, including aggravated arson. These charges carry serious legal consequences and the District Attorney is committed to ensuring a fair trial and upholding justice," Mariposa County District Attorney Walter Wall said in a statement. Authorities did not say how Wackerman is believed to have started the fire.

What they said: "Thank you to all the firefighters and first responders working tirelessly under difficult conditions to combat the #OakFire," Sen. Alex Padilla (D., Calif.) wrote on Twitter on July 25, 2022. "Worsening drought and severe weather will only continue to put lives and property at risk from wildfire if we don't take climate action NOW."

• "More people will be killed and the survival of our civilization is at stake," former Vice President Al Gore said on July 24, 2022, citing climate change as the reason "droughts and fires are hitting us so hard."

Crucial context: Several days before Wackerman's arrest, authorities busted Democratic donor Themis Matsoukas for allegedly performing sexual acts with his dog at Rothrock State Forest in Pennsylvania. "I do it to blow off steam," the Elizabeth Warren supporter told investigators.

• Matsoukas is 64 years old; Wackerman is 71.

Bottom line: We need a total and complete shutdown of liberal Baby Boomers entering state and national parks until we can figure out what the hell is going on.


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