Chris Hayes, Van Jones deliver the derp in Ferguson

November 25, 2014

MSNBC's Chris Hayes and CNN's Van Jones made quite sure viewers knew where they stood with regards to the Darren Wilson indictment decision and the subsequent rioting and unrest Monday in Ferguson, Mo.

With a scene of fires and chaos playing before him, Hayes became poetic after a grand jury elected not to indict Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

"Cameras right now are going to show things burning, and things are burning here in Ferguson tonight," he said. "They're not going to show thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people in metro St. Louis and I think around the country who are just burning up inside with a feeling of impotent rage, of alienation and of anguish and disappointment and injustice."

That's touching.

Hayes later said that the sound of gunfire that night was potentially just "crews" having a beef with one another and could have nothing to do with the protests happening. This was part of a theme; Hayes also assured viewers that "it doesn't take a lot of people to start a fire."

Jones repeatedly said the looting and arson going on was the work of a few "knuckleheads" and the "vast, vast majority" of people in the streets were acting peacefully. He eventually got into an on-air spat with fellow CNN personality Don Lemon about the nature of the scene in Ferguson.