Remembering Joan Rivers' Strong Support for Israel: 'You Cannot Throw Rockets and Expect People not to Defend Themselves'

The icon was a vehement supporter of the Jewish state

September 4, 2014

World-class comedian and red carpet staple Joan Rivers died today at the age of 81. In addition to her iconic role interviewing and mocking celebrities, Rivers was a staunch supporter of Israel.

"You cannot throw rockets and expect people not to defend themselves," she told TMZ during a rant on the most recent war between the Jewish state and Hamas terrorists.

"If New Jersey were firing rockets into New York we would wipe them out!"

This was far from the only time Rivers openly stood with Israel. A few months before her TMZ interview, when appearing on the Israeli comedy show Matzav HaUma, she said "if they don't love [Israel] tell them to go f*** themselves."

She then proceeded to list the "Top Ten Ways to Say I Love Israel," which included "I love Israel so much, at night I go to bed wearing only Chanel No. 5 and an Uzi."

Shortly after her TMZ interview went viral, she defended the country to another group of paparazzi, saying, "The only democratic country in that area is Israel."

"Hamas, who are outlaws and terrorists, absolutely have taken over, and I'm terribly sorry for the Palestinians," Rivers said. "But I'm more sorry for the Jews who keep saying 'leave us alone, leave us alone.'"

"I plan to get a gun and stand against anyone who throws a rock at me and my cousin's house," the iconic comedian said at the end of the video.

Joan Rivers never shied away from support for Israel. May she rest in peace.

UPDATE 6:00 P.M.: This story originally misstated the air date of the Matzav HaUma episode featuring Joan Rivers. It has been updated to reflect the correct air date.