10 Gay Movies That Didn't Bomb Due to Homophobia

Billy Eichner says bigotry to blame for gay romcom's box office flop

October 4, 2022

Gay celeb Billy Eichner thinks "homophobic weirdos" are to blame for his new film's disappointing performance at the box office.

Eichner co-wrote and stars in Bros, a gay romantic comedy that earned just $4.8 million on opening weekend, which was roughly "40 percent less than the low end of prerelease analyst expectations," according to the New York Times.

That's embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as Eichner's deranged social media tirade blaming "straight people, especially in certain parts of the country" for the film's dismal returns. "That's just the world we live in, unfortunately," Eichner wrote on Twitter. "Everyone who ISN'T a homophobic weirdo should go see BROS tonight!"

Like most liberals who insist that bigotry is to blame for their personal failings, Eichner is wrong. A Washington Free Beacon analysis determined that the actor's bitter rant is not supported by the facts. There is no shortage of "gay" films that didn't bomb at the box office due to homophobia. Here are just a handful of examples:

1) Brokeback Mountain

Box office: $178 million

Awards: Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score (Academy)

2) The Birdcage

Box office: $185 million

Awards: Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture (Screen Actor's Guild)

3) The Imitation Game

Box office: $234 million

Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay (Academy)

4) Rocketman

Box office: $195 million

Awards: Best Original Song (Academy), Best Actor (Golden Globe)

5) Philadelphia

Box office: $207 million

Awards: Best Actor, Best Original Song (Academy)

6) Mrs. Doubtfire

Box office: $441 million

Awards: Best Picture, Best Actor (Golden Globe)

7) I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Box office: $187 million

Awards: N/A

8) The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)

Box office: $3 billion

Awards: Best Picture, Best Director (Academy)

9) Sonic the Hedgehog

Box office: $320 million

Awards: Best Villain (Critic's Choice)

10) Southside with You

Box office: $6.5 million

Awards: Best Chicago Film (Chicago Indie Critics)

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