Once Upon A Time… in China

How an American film distributor became a part of the CCP's Hollywood empire

Over the past decade, more and more American movie goers have witnessed something startling: much of what they watch is now altered to serve the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Best Year for Movies in Forever

And the winner is… anything!

The two late entrants into the Oscar race, Little Women and 1917, both scored Best Picture nominations and are both credible possibilities to take the statuette at the awards ceremony in February. That's not only because both of them are good, which they are; Little Women is an emotional knockout (its last hour in particular), while 1917 is a riveting and harrowing thriller, inventively told and staggeringly well-photographed.

‘Rocketman’ Review

Big screen jukebox musical an enjoyably chaotic mess

A friend described Bohemian Rhapsody, last year’s Oscar-winning biopic about Freddie Mercury of Queen, as “like [watching] someone reading the Wikipedia article on Queen out loud.” The description has stuck with me because it’s so succinct and so accurate and so damning. It’s not that Bohemian Rhapsody was bad—though it was definitely bad—so much as that it was utterly and confoundingly boring.