CNN and MSNBC Somehow Interview Same Guest ‘Live’ at Same Time

In an apparent contravention of the laws of space and time, MSNBC and CNN managed to interview the same guest at the same time "live" Wednesday evening.

Beginning at 7:05 p.m. Eastern, MSNBC's Chris Matthews began interviewing Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier (Calif.). But somehow CNN's Kate Bolduan began to interview the San Francisco Democrat two minutes later, while she was still being interviewed by Matthews.

One of the interviews had to be pre-recorded. But the banner on both broadcasts indicated the events were occurring "live." Neither host disclosed that the interview was recorded ahead of time, in line with standard industry practice.

So who fudged it? Judging by Speier's Twitter account, it was CNN. She tweeted about that interview at 6:25, but tweeted about the Matthews interview at 7:08 as it was airing.