Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter: Volume 1

May 7, 2014

Behold the greatest battle in television news.

It's not CrossFire or Meet the Press or reruns of Point/CounterPoint.

It's the Rev. Al Sharpton's war with the teleprompter and, to a greater extent, the English language.

Behold as he bungles names (who's Rush Lumbard?), places (Latvia becomes Lavita), book titles ("Hubris" is read as Who-Breeze), organizations (The Environmental Projection Agency?) and more in this new SuperCut.

The Washington Free Beacon has gone to great pains to give the public a greater understanding of this MSNBC host, who has been bellowing on PoliticsNation since 2011.

He rarely knows what anybody's talking about. He's so fond of President Obama he simply rehashes him word-for-word for his audiences. He really likes talking about race. And he pronounces his "P's" with particular pugnaciousness.

Through it all, he's won the respect, nay the fear, of his cable news rivals.