California Activists Reject Reparations Plan, Demand More Than $1.2M Per Person

Tony Pierce at the California reparations task force's May 6 meeting / California Department of Justice YouTube
May 8, 2023

Far-left activists in California said Saturday that preposterously high reparations payments, proposed by the state's reparations task force, still aren't enough for them, Fox News reported Monday.

One activist, Tony Pierce, appeared at a "highly explosive" task force meeting on Saturday to demand "$200 million for each and every African American." Another speaker said that reparations payments "should be starting at" $5 million.

The activists' demands come in response to the task force's draft plan, which was released last week. If the California government follows the plan, it will pay "up to $1.2 million for some longtime black residents," the Washington Free Beacon reported, in compensation for "myriad alleged harms" ranging from slavery to pollution. The task force, which Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) established in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, has released multiple ludicrously expensive reparations proposals, even as California faces a budget deficit of at least $23 billion. The panel must send its final recommendations to the State Legislature by July 1.

"The task force has not addressed the financial feasibility of any of its proposals, nor does it intend to do so," shunting that job to the legislature, the Free Beacon reported. Even though California's total annual budget is roughly $300 billion, economists advising the panel have said the plan will cost state taxpayers at least $800 billion.

Activists at the Saturday meeting nevertheless said such sky-high sums aren't enough. Pierce, who "shouted most of his remarks," attacked the task force for "not pushing an ambitious enough reparations plan," Fox reported, and ended his speech with a warning: "Tell Governor Newsom we're coming."