Gavin Newsom

How America Arrived at the Cruel New Normal

Column: Here comes the 'dumb reopening'

Newsom Hogan Northam DeSantisVery soon, you and I will have to figure out how to navigate a semi-open America where coronavirus is a terrible fact of life. The lockdowns and stay-at-home orders that state and city governments announced in March are breaking down. This is not red-versus-blue. This is reality. Two weeks ago, Georgia's Republican governor Brian Kemp faced widespread criticism for his easing of restrictions on business and outdoor activities, even as Colorado's Democratic governor Jared Polis did the same thing. Now most states are joining in.

California Law Limiting Independent Contractors is Hindering Coronavirus Response, Experts Say

'It speaks to an absolute ignorance of expert opinion and defiance of common sense'

Democratic California governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday rebuffed calls to suspend a controversial labor law that experts say is hindering the state's pandemic response and hurting vulnerable workers. State and federal legislators, small business owners, and more than 150 economists and political scientists have urged Newsom to suspend California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), the controversial 2019 bill that limited a company's ability to classify workers as independent contractors.

California Dems’ Private Prison Conundrum

Abolishing private prisons could undermine efforts to reduce unconstitutional overcrowding

Inmates sits in housing block at San Quentin State PrisonAs California moves forward with a plan to phase out private prisons in 8 years, state Democrats have no plan for how to deal with the 1,600 inmates housed in such facilities.

Waters Campaign Pays $30K More to Daughter, Ignores Other Debts

Maxine Waters chips away at debt owed to daughter as other obligations sat for years

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) continues to push tens of thousands of dollars in campaign payments to her daughter for accrued debt even as much smaller campaign debts have remained untouched, Federal Election Commission filings show.