Finally, an Obama Legacy Worth Preserving

Credit where credit is due.
July 25, 2018

Many agree that President Obama's two terms in office comprised the darkest period in our country's history since Congress passed the Social Security Act in 1935. The former celebrity-in-chief committed myriad political atrocities in his quest to eradicate the American Dream and replace it with a "Choom Gang" vision-quest-cum-death march through barren Shariah hellscapes teeming with feral bureaucrats and street jugglers with masters degrees.

Thanks to the profound vision and broad-shouldered leadership of our current president, the American Dream prevails, and many of Obama's most precious "legacy" initiatives have been rolled back or abolished altogether. Obamacare has finally been repealed, despite the fake news media's insistence to the contrary, and the United States is no longer party to embarrassing appeasement treaties like the Paris climate accord or the Iran nuclear deal.

There is, however, one aspect of Obama's ideological legacy worth preserving. President Donald Trump and his Republican allies should be doing everything in their power to emulate his predecessor's zeal for transforming the federal government into a taxpayer-funded kill squad targeting endangered species for extinction. Evidence suggests they are on the right track.

The New York Times reports that President Trump is teaming up with pro-freedom lobbyists and GOP lawmakers across the country to reform the Endangered Species Act, an arcane piece of legislation that is almost impossible to comprehend in the modern age. New bills have been proposed that would limit protections for meddlesome creatures such as gray wolves, sage grouses, and the American burying beetle.

If the Times is telling the truth—and one can never be sure—this is great news for America, and not so great news for the freeloading snowflakes of the Animal Kingdom that have grown accustomed to the federal government bailing them out with taxpayer dollars whenever they fail to do something as basic as survive.

Obama's primary objective as president was to kill or maim as many bald eagles as humanly possible by constructing taxpayer-funded death machines in their natural habitats. The former prez artfully exploited his supporters' cult-like devotion to "clean" energy by deploying "wind turbines" and "solar panels" to chop and incinerate the iconic birds, which he presumably despised for their association with America and freedom. With every charred or dismembered eagle corpse that fell from sky, Obama only solidified his standing with his left-wing base.

Constitutional conservatives, including then-reality star Donald Trump, roundly criticized Obama's avian genocide, but the White House persisted in raising the government's limit on how many bald eagles and other endangered species wind and solar farmers were allowed to slaughter under the guise of protecting the so-called "environment."

That said, just because Obama's preferred tactics relied on deception, and his motivations bordered on pure evil, doesn't mean he wasn't on the right side of history. Conservatives ought to have reconsidered their patriotic attachment to the bald eagle, for example, the minute one of them attempted to carry out a decapitation strike against Donald Trump during a campaign photo shoot in his Manhattan office.

Whether or not this particular bird was acting on his own, or was co-opted by the Deep State's failed plot to elect Hillary Clinton, patriotic citizens should follow President Obama's example, and refuse to allow bald eagles to continue exploiting their status as a national icon to escape justice. At the same time, we cannot allow the "endangered species" label to become a glorified "safe space" or "parents' basement" for animals who would rather go extinct than contribute to society in any meaningful way.

In addition to being the just course of action, such a policy would have the added benefit of owning the libs good and hard. Easily-triggered snowflakes would soil their biodegradable diapers, and caterwaul about the importance of "species diversity" and other nonsensical buzzwords. Their hero Obama has rightly rebuked the cherished left-wing concept of "identity politics" in the human realm, so perhaps a handful of cerebral libs would be open to idea of making sure the Animal Kingdom plays by the same rules. President Trump, the world is watching.