ANALYSIS: Second Democratic Debate to Occur Suspiciously Close to Mussolini’s Birthday

Media turns a blind eye

The second set of Democratic primary debates are scheduled to take place in suspiciously close proximity to Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's birthday, a Free Beacon analysis found.

The debates, hosted by the controversial cable network CNN, will take place in Detroit over two nights on July 30-31. If Mussolini were alive today, according to the analysis, he would be getting ready to celebrate his 136th birthday on July 29. That's a difference of just one to two days.

Not surprisingly, the media has yet to report on these problematic circumstances. Maybe it's because they are too busy accusing President Donald J. Trump of being a "fascist dictator," while giving a free pass to a Democratic Party that goes out of its way to honor the memory of actual fascist dictators before our very eyes.

That's not all. The Democratic debate will also coincide with several other dark moments in history. For example, July 30 will mark the 82nd anniversary of the signing of NKVD Order No. 00447, which led to the arrest and execution of hundreds of thousands of "anti-Soviet elements" as part of Joseph Stalin's Great Purge. July 31 will mark the 58th anniversary of the first recorded "tie" in MLB All-Star Game History. A tie is an outcome, common in soccer but almost unheard of in real sports, in which neither team is declared the winner.

The media's reluctance to investigate the Democratic Party's unseemly behavior should come as no surprise. Not a single "mainstream" outlet, for example, made note of the fact that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) unveiled her "free college" plan on April 22, which just happens to be the birthday of Communist mastermind Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, more commonly known as "Lenin."

Elizabeth Warren Announces ‘Free College’ Plan on Lenin’s Birthday