Juicy J Understands the Value of Private Charity

January 14, 2014

Southern rap icon and Academy Award winner Juicy J has awarded a $50,000 "Twerk Scholarship" to an enterprising female college student. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Despite what you might have thought from listening to the song that inspired the contest, Juicy J preferred the hard working over hard twerking. Scholarship winner Zaire Holmes' submission featured nary a jiggle or wiggle.

Zaire is a hard-working full-time student and single mother. She's finishing her associate's degree before pursuing a career as a doctor.

But perhaps Zaire won Juicy's bands by reading the fine print.
Juicy J

Juicy J

Remember girls: always pay attention to the fine print.

Now, if the award had been given to the best twerker, I think we all know who would've won:

America doesn’t need more government to save its young people. It needs more charitable individuals who combine philanthroy with moral teaching. Like Juicy J.
Juicy J

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