'The Ultimate Gangsta': Rappers Endorse Trump as Biden’s Support Among Minorities Craters

September 5, 2023

Former president Donald Trump, plagued with four indictments, is gaining support from rappers like Badman Kevo, Chief Keef, and Benny the Butcher while President Joe Biden's popularity among nonwhite voters craters.

In a show of support after Trump's indictment in Fulton County, Georgia, Chicago rapper Badman Kevo tattooed Trump's mug shot on his leg and shared the moment with his three million Instagram followers, the New York Post reported. Other rappers have followed suit, posting support for Trump in 2024 to their millions of social media followers.

A source close to Trump told the Post he expects Trump's campaign to use the rappers in the general election to "tout Trump’s street cred to black voters." Meanwhile, Biden's approval rating among nonwhite voters has dropped to 47 percent, a significant decline since 2020 when Biden won 70 percent of nonwhite votes, according to New York Times/Siena College polling released Tuesday.

Formerly anti-Trump rapper YG—famous for his anthem "F—k Donald Trump"—said earlier this month that "black people forgave him."

"I ain’t going to lie, bro, the black community is not f–king with Trump, but when this PPP s—t and all that s—t came out, black people forgave him," YG told Theo Von on the podcast This Past Weekend. "I’m speaking about these mothf—kers in the hood. I am speaking on their behalf. This is what they say. ‘s—t, Biden ain’t did nothing for us, that n—a Trump is passing out money.’"

Last week, Chief Keef responded to Trump's arrest with praise for the former president. "He good in da hood," the rapper wrote to his 8.8 million Instagram followers. Buffalo rapper Benny the Butcher said on August 12, "I’m voting Trump 2024," which generated a million views on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"In the urban black community, a mug shot can be an iconic symbol, both of victimization and of greatness," conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza posted on X. "It’s a defiant UP YOURS to 'the man.' Think Tupac Shakur. Trump is now the ultimate gangsta in our culture."