It's Time for Hillary to Take a Stand on Hitler

Now that her campaign is official, she can't keep ducking the issues

Hillary Clinton (left) and Adolf Hitler.
April 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton will formally launch her second presidential campaign over the weekend. (Her first campaign was a failure.) That means she’ll finally have to weigh in on a number of key issues, such as trade policy.

One hot-button issue that Hillary has refused to take a position on is the hypothetical fate of Adolf Hitler. A recent survey raises doubts about Hillary’s willingness to kill the Nazi dictator:

Researchers from the US, Germany and Canada analysed data that asked 6,100 people a range moral questions, including whether they would kill a young Adolf Hitler to stop the Second World War.

While men and women both calculated the consequences of their decision and computed how many lives might be saved, females found it harder to commit murder and were more likely to let Hitler live.

"Would you let Hitler live?" is a fairly straightforward question. The mainstream media should insist that Hillary answer it definitively. There is also the question of whether or not Clinton’s advanced age would preclude her from taking advantage of theoretical time-travel technology, even if she were otherwise willing to kill Hitler. Advanced exoskeleton technology could help to mitigate these mobility concerns, but it could take years to develop a working prototype.

Americans deserve to know the truth.